Successful World Cup for Saskatchewan Competitors

Six members of the Saskatchewan Taekwon-Do Federation International travelled to Montego Bay, Jamaica to compete in the 2014 ITF Taekwon-Do World Cup. With 28 countries present, competitors from around the world gathered into the Rose Hall Convention Centre on August 26-30th, which included Black Belts Ms. Chelsea Stone, Mr. Aaron Almassy and Mr. Connor Antochow from Regina, Mr. Quenton Robins and Mr. Grayson Sorley from Saskatoon, and Mr. Jeff Turchyn from Watson (formerly Saskatoon). Between the six competitors, 7 bronze medals were awarded – 4 for individual events and 3 for team events. Congratulations to all six athletes for representing both Saskatchewan and Canada at the 2014 World Cup and proudly returning with medals to represent the years of hard work and dedication to the martial art of ITF Taekwon-Do.
Medals were won in the following divisions:
Ms. Chelsea Stone (5th Dan) – Women’s Micro Weight (-50 kg) Sparring
Mr. Aaron Almassy (3rd Dan) – Men’s Middle Weight (63-70 kg) Sparring and Men’s Team Sparring
Mr. Quenton Robins (2nd Dan) – Veteran Men’s 2nd Dan Patterns
Mr. Connor Antochow (2nd Dan) – Junior Boy’s Heavy Weight (68-75 kg) Sparring and Junior Boys Team Sparring
Mr. Grayson Sorley (1st Dan) – Junior Boys Team Sparring

A very heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to the team’s two very dedicated fans, Mrs. Virginia Bahm and Mrs. Darla Sorley for supporting our athletes throughout the entire event.

We would also like to send a special THANK YOU to SaskSport and the Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan and STFI for the years of support for our elite athletes, and of course to our home clubs, members, instructors, families and friends for always believing in us! Words alone cannot express our gratitude.