2012 Western Canadian Championships Results

The 2012 Western Canadian Championships took place on May 12, in Port Coquitlam. There were over 300 competitors in attendance, and our Saskatchewan athletes produced outstanding results!

Name Rank Patterns Sparring
Don Smith 6th Dan Gold Gold
Chelsea Stone 5th Dan Gold Gold
David Kimpton 4th Dan Silver Silver
Aaron Almassy 3rd Dan Silver Gold
Jeff Turchyn 3rd Dan Gold Gold
Brittany   Goodtrack 3rd Dan Silver Silver
Piotr   Kosztirko 2nd Dan Silver Gold
Joanne Kimpton 2nd Dan Silver Gold
Quenton Robins 2nd Dan Gold Silver
Anne Robins 2nd Dan N/A Gold
Connor   Antochow 2nd Dan Silver Silver
Emma Martin 2nd Dan Silver Silver
Nathan Robins 1st Dan Bronze Gold
Grayson Sorley 1St Dan Bronze Gold
Megan   Nelthorpe 1st Dan Bronze Silver
Georgina   Nelthorpe 1st Dan Gold
Auston   Macnally Black Stripe
Lauryn Deobald Green belt Bronze Gold
Tiernan   Roszell Blue Belt Bronze Gold
Teagan Roszell Blue Belt Silver
Jurnee Roszell Blue Belt Bronze Gold
Dominck McNab Yellow Stripe Silver
Celina Windigo Yellow Stripe Bronze Silver
Junior Mens Pre-arranged   Sparring
Nathan Robins Gold
Grayson Sorley Gold