2012 Pan-American Championships Results

Here is a list of the results from the Pan-American Championships that were held in Trois-Riviere, Quebec on June 16th and 17th. Congratulations to all competitors from Saskatchewan.

Ms. Stone receiving her “Best Overall Adult Female” trophy from Master Laquerre (left) and Master Norman (right)

A special congratulations goes out to Ms. Chelsea Stone, who won the best overall Adult (18-35) Female trophy.

Name Rank Patterns Sparring
Don Smith 6th Dan Gold Gold
Chelsea Stone 5th Dan Silver Gold
Aaron Almassy 3rd Dan Silver
Jeff Turchyn 3rd Dan Bronze
Quenton Robins 2nd Dan Silver Bronze
Connor   Antochow 2nd Dan Bronze Bronze
Emma Martin 2nd Dan Silver Gold
Nathan Robins 1st Dan Bronze
Grayson Sorley 1St Dan Bronze
Megan   Nelthorpe 1st Dan Bronze
Georgina   Nelthorpe 1st Dan Silver
Junior Mens Pre-arranged   Sparring
Nathan Robins Silver
Grayson Sorley Silver
Special Technique Board   Breaking
Chelsea Stone Gold
Connor   Anotchow Silver
Team Sparring
Don Smith Bronze
Aaron Almassy Bronze
Jeff Turchyn Bronze
Chelsea Stone Gold
Emma Martin Gold
Megan   Nelthorpe Gold
Georgina   Nelthorpe Gold