Saskatoon West Zone Volunteers for Subaru Triathlon

June 26th to June 28th saw 26 athletes, parents, family members and friends volunteer their time to set up for the Subaru Triathlon held June 29th.  Everyone of our 5 instructors came out to volunteer their time and our youngest student volunteering was 5 years old.  We set up bike […]

Register for the Westerns in Warman, SK!

The online registration for the Western Canadians are now open! The 2014 Western Canadian Championships will be held in Warman, SK on April 5th/14. Please talk to your instructor regarding the rules, divisions and events if you are unsure of any of these details.  There are two separate links to register, […]

Register Now!!

All 10 of our clubs are up and running for the Winter Session! Visit our  “Clubs” section for a location near you and for more information!

Respect in Sport Coaches Certification

SaskSport has officially launched their Respect in Sport Online Registered Coaches Program. All Black Belts, ages 16+ must complete this online training program. Please click on the link and register as a new user to complete the modules.