I Want To Know…..

Why Do YOU Practice Taekwon-Do?Taekwon-Do: A Way of Life

We’ve all been asked this question many many times! Why do you practice taekwon-do? and how did you get involved into taekwon-do?

We all have different reasons…maybe it was for fitness, or for fun! Some of you may have been put into taekwon-do at a young age by your parents to learn discipline. For myself, I started when I was 9  years old. To be quite frank I didn’t even know what taekwon-do was! I was  with my mom, my older sister and my neighbor (whom had introduced the thought of classes to us) and we were driving to class and I actually asked what it was. Little did I know what I was getting into!

Fast forward 16 years later, and here I am, asking you all the same question! Please … leave me comments! Why did you start, or how, what do you like about it? Parents, feel free as well…why did you put your child into taekwon-do? I’m curious to see all the unique reasons!!!