Busy June For STFI!

First off, a huge congrats to the Saskatoon West Zone club for another successful Board Break-A-Thon! Be sure to check out the multimedia section to see all the wonderful pictures that were submitted here!

11 Athletes Take On Can-Ams

On June 5th, 11 of our athletes from around the province are challenging themselves at the Can-Ams in Oakville, Ontario. The following day, qualifying athletes will fight their way to earn a spot on the National Sparring Team which will represent Canada at the World Championships in New Zealand in March 2011. Good luck to the following:

Mr. Don Smith, Mr. Shannon Phillips, Mr.Steve Marcia, Ms.Chelsea Stone, Mr. Aaron Almassy, Mr. Jeff Turchyn, Mr. Stefan Deregowski, Mr. Samuel Robins, Mr. Grayson  Sorley, Mr. Connor Antochow and Mr.Cody Lamping.

Testing and IIC

Testing dates have been set up for the month of June. Please note the following dates for your area!
June 11th : Saskatoon
June 12th: Prince Albert, Humboldt, Annaheim and Quill Lake
June 14th: Regina West Zone
June 15th: Regina South Zone, Regina North Zone (black belt testing and Vth dan testing will follow the color belts)

And of course the IIC will be taking place on June 25th-27th at the Miller Comprehensive High School! We currently have 95 practioners in attendance and are still expecting more! It will be an amazing turnout and overall a very rewarding experience!
Times are as follows: Friday June 25th : 4:00-8:00 pm
Saturday June 26th : 9:30-12:30/2:30-6:30
Sunday June 27th: 9:30-12:30

Don’t forget to submit all your photos and videos from the IIC!! See you all there!