Another Successful CanAms For Team Sask!

11 Athletes Represent Saskatchewan-14 Medals Accompany Their Return

On June 5th, 11 atheletes from around Saskatchewan tested their skills at the 2010 CanAm Championships in Oakville, Ontario. The result?? 14 medals in total! 3 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze.  Congratulations to the following:
Mr. Don Smith- Gold in senior men’s lightweight sparring, Bronze in senior men’s 4th-6th dan patterns.
Chelsea Stone- Gold in women’s 4th dan patterns, Gold in women’s lightweight sparring.
Aaron Almassy- Silver in men’s middleweight sparring.
Shannon Phillips- Bronze in men’s middleweight sparring.
Steve Marcia- Bronze in men’s hyperweight sparring.
Stefan Deregowski- Silver in men’s 2nd dan sparring, Bronze in men’s heavyweight sparring.
Jeff Turchyn- Bronze in men’s 3rd dan patterns, Silver in men’s lightweight sparring.
Samuel Robins- Bronze in junior boys middleweight sparring.
Connor Antochow-Silver in pre-juniors lightweight sparring.
Grayson Sorley-Bronze in pre-juniors lightweight sparring.

The following day, National Team pre-selections were held and two atheltes were named to the Canadian Team which will represent Canada at the World Championships in New Zealand in March 2011. Congratualtions to Aaron Almassy and Chelsea Stone! Pictures will be posted soon, so watch for them in the image gallery!

Invidual selections will take place at the National Championships on November 12th and 13th in Richmond, BC. Winners at this event will represent Canada in New Zealand for the individual events! Good luck to all athletes attending the Nationals!